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Health Services Contact Information

School Nurse
Eileen Smith, RN
201-767-7224 ext. 55130

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Regional Programs Health Office Guidelines:


Pre-K -
mandatory flu shot prior to December break, for children up to 59 months/4 years and 11/12ths

Age Appropriate Kindergarten
(5 years), 
need dTap/polio/MMR

Age Appropriate 6th Grade, Tdap, MCV (age 11-12)

Bus Transportation: Please do not give your children anything to eat or drink on the bus.  Eating and/or drinking in a moving vehicle can result in accidental choking as well as exposing children to potential allergens resulting in a potential for allergic reaction on the bus.  If you child was not able to eat breakfast before school simply pack a light breakfast in your child's backpack and call the school to let us know that your child needs to eat upon arrival.


Please call the main number (201) 767-7224 ext. 4 or email

Indicate the reason for absence, whether it is illness related or another reason.

Due to the close environment, illness related information is helpful to identify communicable illness trends.

Mandatory Absence Verification Program -
our school conducts a mandatory absence verification to monitor student's attendance and ensure safety.  In the event of your child's absence or late arrival has not been reported to the absence verification program answering machine (201) 767-7224 ext. 4, we will call the numbers you have provided to verify the absence.  If we are unable to contact you at the numbers provided to us, the local police will be contacted to check the home.

Reasons to keep your child home from school:
Vomiting within the last 24 hours
Diarrhea within the last 24 hours
Temperature of 100 degrees or higher within the last 24 hours
Strep is suspected--results of throat culture have not been received
Positive throat culture for strep, child may not return to school sooner than 24 hours after start of antibiotic
Any symptom of acute illness such as persistent cough and/or runny nose and body aches.

Sending students home from school:
Per our Medical Director, students should be excluded from school with a temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  We utilize either a tympanic or touch free thermometer for best accuracy, but may call you if other symptoms are present.

Students should remain at home until symptom free for 24 hours without medication and resumption of normal activities.

Emergency Contacts:
Please indicate the most current contact numbers and preferred contact individual on the attached form 

MD Notes:
Required for return to school after long illness or for confirmation of non contagious state of health.

For clearance to participate in activities after injury or procedure.

Medication Administration:
Orders needed from medical doctor.  Please complete the attached medication request form.
Permission form needed from parent or guardian.  See attached form for medication authorization for severe allergic reaction.
Medication must be supplied in original bottle with label from the pharmacy.  Prescription label must match doctor's prescription.  Additionally, please send in any items for administration (yogurt, apple sauce, respiratory supplies, etc.)
Please alert Health Office for any medication changes or health changes.

Annual Health Screenings:
Height, weight, blood pressure completed annually.
Vision and hearing are completed per the guidelines for the child's grade/age.  Notifications will be sent home if a referral is needed.
Scoliosis screening is completed biannually for students' aged 10-18.  Notifications will be sent home if a referral is needed.

Rubber-soled, non-skid closed-toe footwear is safest for our environment.
Please no flip-flops, open-toed sandals or crocs.

We demonstrate and reinforce proper hand washing practices, "covering your cough", and nose blowing/wiping techniques with your children.  It is most helpful if you reinforce these behaviors at home.

Health Survey:
Please see attached form to be completed by parents
Bergen County Region III Medical Form to be completed medical doctor.


Seizure Action Plan to be completed by physician for students with seizures
Seizure Questionnaire for a Parent of a Student with Seizures

  • NJ Familycare Health Coverage:

Department of Education regulations at N.J.A.C. 6A:16-2.2(i) require school districts to make accessible information regarding the NJ FamilyCare Program for students who are knowingly without medical coverage.

For more information regarding the NJ FamilyCare program, you may go to:

  • Immunization Requirement Fact Sheet:

School immunization laws are one of the most effective tools for preventing outbreaks of contagious diseases in schools and communities. All 50 states have school immunization requirements. Administrators of all New Jersey public and private schools, including childcare, preschool, Head Start, and K-12, are responsible for ensuring that all students are in compliance with N.J.A.C.8:57-4, Immunization of Pupils in School regulations. 

Information is available at:

Additional information about vaccinations and schedules may be found at:

  • Influenza Vaccine Requirements:

New Jersey requires all children six months through 59 months of age attending any licensed child care or center or preschool facility annually receive at least one dose of influenza vaccine between September 1 and December 31 of each year. Children who are vaccinated with the 2012-2013 seasonal influenza vaccine prior to September 1 are considered in compliance with the regulation. There is no grace period for unvaccinated children. Students who have not received the influenza vaccine by December 31st must be excluded from the child care/preschool facility for the duration of influenza season (through March 31st), until they receive at least one dose of the influenza vaccine, or until they turn 60 months of age.

An Immunization Requirements FAQs at is available at:

  • Meningococcal

  • Bergen County Department of Health Services

  • NJ Parent Link

  • HPV Vaccine: Information for Parents – New Jersey

  • Concussion Fact Sheet

  •  Sports Related Eye Injury

  •  Sudden Cardiac Arrest Eye Injury

  •  Does your child suffer from frequent nosebleeds?