Parent Training

Parent Training Workshops:

Monthly workshops will be coordinated and run by the home consultant. Notices will be sent home listing a day and evening date/time for each monthly topic. Topics will include basic behavior management principles, toilet training, activity schedules, self-care/promoting independence, eating and other community involvement strategies. Guest speakers are invited with relevant topics. Past guest speakers have included staff from Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD), Officers from the Bergen County Sheriffs Office, and a speaker on the importance of estate planning for children with special needs. Parents with any ideas for topics/guest speakers can email the home consultant at [email protected]

Home Consultation Visits:

*For students brand new to the Valley Program*
Parents of students new to the Valley Program will receive information on “New Student Parent Training”via their child’s backpack. Parents can choose whether or not they want to participate in this service. New Student Parent Training requires Parents to attend parent training workshops in conjunction with receiving a limited number of hands-on parent training hours at home. The home consultant will schedule an initial home visit, upon which Parent and Consultant will prioritize goals. A Teaching Assistant will then be assigned to work with the Parent and Child. The goals are addressed by teaching the Parent how to use behavior management strategies in the home setting. These home training hours are intended to be completed during the child’s first year at the Valley Program.

*For students who have been at Valley Program more than a year*
The home consultant will conduct visits at home on an as-needed basis (usually 3 -4 visits per school year). Parents must request a visit by filling out the Home Consultation Request form and returning it to school. Teachers can also recommend the service, and ask the Parent to fill out the form. The home consultant will meet with the teacher prior to the visit to discuss the issues, and will then give the teacher a copy of the home consult report upon completion. Typical topics discussed during home visits can include, but not limited to the following: toilet training;inappropriate behaviors; eating issues; sleep issues; use of free time;promoting independent self-care skills, i.e., bathing, dressing, etc.

Download Home Visit Request by clicking the link below

home visit request.pdf
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