TIP Program

What is T.I.P.?

T.I.P. (Therapeutic Intervention Program) is a self-contained special education program designed to provide academic instruction, behavioral support and therapeutic techniques for students with emotional and behavioral needs.

The T.I.P. program affords opportunities for inclusion into the regular academic classroom as well as inclusion for all appropriate grade level "specials". Teacher Assistants will shadow students when included into the general education setting. Social skills instruction, individual and group counseling and in-school parent training are also provided. Progress reports are given four times per year. Related services are provided as IEP determined. Lunch and recess with appropriate grade level peers.

Grades & Classes

Three classes are currently offered:

  • K-2nd grade class (Norwood Public Schools)

  • 3th -5th grade class (Norwood Public Schools)

  • 6th-8th grade class (Haworth Public Schools)

Program Components

  • Individual and group counseling.

  • Classroom reinforcement systems and individualized Behavior Intervention Plans.

  • Social Skills classes.

  • Related services provided as determined by the IEP.

  • Inclusive opportunities for appropriate grade level lunch/recess and special area classes.

  • In-school parent training.

  • Progress reports four times per year with parent conference.

  • Teacher Assistants supporting students in all self-contained lessons and mainstream settings.

  • *Valley Regional Programs P.T.O.- www.pto-nvrp.org

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